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We invite you to show your support and become a CES member by completing this CES Pledge Card.

As a member, you will receive an array of benefits, including advance ticketing opportunities, special receptions, discounts, reserved parking and more. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you play a vital role in keeping the arts thriving in Western Maryland and the tri-state region. Membership is now required to participate in the Early Bird VIP ticket purchase and to qualify for discount pricing.

CES Membership Levels
These represent basic membership donation levels; any donation greater than the Encore level automatically ensures membership benefits.

Friend $30
10% off most General Public ticket prices
Invitations to Friends Only receptions

Ambassador $60
20% off General Public ticket price
Early-bird VIP code to purchase prior to public sales
Plus, all Friend level benefits

Advocate $100
Assigned parking space during CES performances
CES Artist tote bag
Plus, all Ambassador-level benefits

Encore $250
Invitation to meet the artist and enjoy backstage tours
Invitation to special dinners
Photograph and autograph opportunities with the artist
Plus, all Advocate-level benefits

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