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Mysterious Seas

National Geographic Live

Underwater plant
PHOTO: Noaa Oer

MARCH 30, 2021 | 7 PM 

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Leading marine biologists David Gruber and Diva Amon offer a glimpse into the ocean’s greatest depths and its fascinating creatures. Gruber searches the oceans for bioluminescent and biofluorescent marine species, and designs delicate, noninvasive tools to study and interact with deep-sea life. Diva Amon participates in expeditions around the world to study the unusual animals living in a variety of deep-sea habitats and how they are impacted by humans.

Nat Geo Live  Virtual Speaker Series events are open to guests of all ages. Parents and guardians are advised to use their own judgment based on the description of each event.


David Gruber
PHOTO: Tony Rinaldo

David Gruber

David Gruber is a marine biologist and 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer whose research spans marine biology, bioluminescence, submersible design, and animal communication.

Diva Amon
PHOTO: Novus Select

Diva Amon

Diva Amon is a 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer who studies the weird and wonderful animals living in a range of previously unknown deep-sea habitats.

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